Blogs and Bugs – Brackagh Bog

Blogs and Bugs – Brackagh Bog

Blogs and Bugs – Brackagh Bog

Guest blog by – Sarah Galloway

This month we have started the practical conservation work on Brackagh, yes, we are back at Brackagh. The practical conservation work we are undertaking is scrub and tree removal of the fen and pools areas within Brackagh. This involves cutting the trees with bow saws, using loppers on smaller trees, scrubs and brambles.


Tree stumps are then painted with Glyphosate which is a herbicide, this then kills the tree right down to the root to prevent it from regrowing. Through this work it will help maintain the fen and prevent it from succeeding to a dense wet woodland. This is necessary as a result of the trees growing here it is drying out the soil. This then negatively impacts the wetland species which originally grew here and the insects and dragonflies which live in the vegetation. Through doing this it will prevent the fen from succeeding to a wet woodland but it will require consistent management to help prevent it from succeeding to woodland again.

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