The basis of the project is to restore protect over 500 hectares of bog and wet grassland in prime sites around the shores of Lough Neagh. This includes the development of a major new nature reserve in land previously belonging to the Department of Education and Learning. Other restoration sites include Newferry Bog at Lough Beg, creating a wildlife corridor from Montiaghs to Portmore, and improving the management of the Brookend Nature reserve on the west shores of the Lough Neagh Landscape. These sites are important because they involve the protection and restoration of important wetland habitat which is part of the Lough Neagh ASSI and Natura 2000 feature. The main beneficiaries will be the local community living in the wider area around each of the important sites

This is the biggest project in the Lough Neagh Landscape Scheme and will be led by the RSPB in partnership with the LNLP Natural Heritage Officer. The long-term management will be overseen by local communities, Councils and the RSPB.

Outcomes will include a landscape-scale conservation project of at least 1000ha of wetland (500ha wet grassland, 300ha peatland, and 200ha of reed bed or wet woodland) involving at least 150 volunteers from the local area.

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