www.curlewcountry.com – This is a fascinating project currently being delivered across in England which has been using head starting as a means of boosting the local Curlew Population – why not take a look at their website and learn all about the work they are doing for yourself.

https://www.curlewcall.org/ – Call of the Curlew aim to conserve breeding Curlew in Southern and lowland Britain –

Curlew Forum Mission Statement

“Our goal is to work with farmers and land managers to reverse the current decline, and continue monitoring the status of, breeding Curlew across southern and lowland England. We will do this by sharing knowledge and experience, raising awareness, offering advice, and securing funding to implement effective conservation measures.”


https://www.curlewcottagedesign.co.uk/ – Artist Joanna Martin heard about the work our project is delivering and got in touch to tell us about her love of Curlew.  Much of her beautiful work is inspired by the natural heritage in our Northern Irish landscape and in this video she shares with us her love and passion for nature and the sadly declining Curlew.