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The aim of this project is to develop a major heritage exhibition & visitors centre in the Lough Neagh Eel Fisheries Building at Toome bridge. The new facility will attempt to showcase the journey of the Lough Neagh Eel. It will also highlight the heritage of eel fishing on Lough Neagh, inform visitors about the facts and mystique of the eel and its life cycle, and celebrate its PGI status and the traditional fishermen methods which have been passed down through the ages. The new heritage centre will provide a mix of displays (information and photos), interactive models (showing how fishing methods have developed over the years and the traditional methods that have remained), workshops (particularly for groups of school children) and audio visual displays (old films & footage of fishermen). The benefits will include an increased understanding of the Loughs fishing heritage and the journey of the Lough Neagh Eel, the development of education tours for local schools and tourist tours for local people and making the Toome area a better place to work and live. It will also record and archive photos and fishing artefacts form the Loughs Fishing Industry