In Search of the Cryptic Wood White

This project intends to establish the distribution of the Cryptic Wood White Butterfly in the north Lough Neagh Wetlands area. It will work in partnership with Butterfly Conservation NI to engage and train local volunteers to carry out annual survey work over 5 years. The importance of this butterfly was identified as an NI Priority species, and action to record was identified in the NI Biodiversity Strategy and the ANDC Biodiversity Strategy. The research will provide an opportunity to learn new wildlife survey skills and be mentored over a 5 year period. 15 volunteer surveyors will be recruited and over 40 people trained. Local people also will join the wildlife recording community be part of the local biodiversity action plan for the area. Finally the project will improving our knowledge on the distribution of a species along the northern shores of the Lough and can help in their future conservation. All data collected will be placed with CEDaR at the Ulster Museum. In the long term the project will be a baseline survey for the Cryptic Wood White in the area.