Cranfield Ancient Site

Cranfield Church and Holywell are situated on the Northern Shores of Lough Neagh. The site has great views over the Lough and is of both Christian and pre-Christian historical significance. There is also an ancient holy well on the site. This has strong cultural associations with Iron Age creation myths of Lough Neagh: that lough was formed from an overflowing well. The site also has strong traditions of pilgrimages to the church and holy well. The Creggan Historical Group wish to restore of old gravestones and perimeter wall of the Cranfield graveyard and pilgrimage walkway around Holy Well, provide a handrail at old steps and replacing shingle interior floor of Church with grass, the erection of memorial sculpture for local eel fishing families, an archaeological survey of site, the planting of trees and wild flower area, the up lighting for nearby Termon Cross and the provision of an educational package to be made available for the local primary school. The main outcome of the project will include the restoration of buildings, the revival of lost cultural traditions, the involvement of local communities in the restoration and management of this ancient site.